Clean first!

Finally went to start painting last night. I decided to stop hoarding my art supplies and actually use the good stuff. Well…turns out that 3 of my “good” high quality acrylic paint hand actually dried up from disuse. Bah!
That is a good life lesson. I was saving it for a special occasion, well the date on one of those jars read 1998. Seriously? This is why everyday should be special enough to use it.


Hello world!

I am Morning Glorious! I have given myself the gift of eighteen months to find myself as an artist. If at the end of the allotted time I find that it was just a dream never to be realized then I will attempt to find gainful employment outside of the home.
As part of my journey to self-indulgent self-discovery I will also attempt to share my experience through this blog.
I will share works in progress, my failures, and my successes. I am going “balls out” on this people. I have just turned forty. This is my mid-life crisis. If I don’t get my shit together now, then it just might never happen.