Rainbow connection

The rainbow connection. I love colour! I love lots and lots of colour. My son is going through an artsy phase, which makes me so happy I could puke. It might just be the age he is at, but either way I am going to let him make art and draw and paint as much as he wants. His favorite colour combination is the rainbow, or rather “a rainbow”. He constantly asks for the colours in order, so I passed on Roy G. Biv to another generation. So my latest artistic project was knitting him a scarf.



Studio shots





Excuses, excuses.

I am constantly writing blog updates…in my head. Much like the art I am constantly making..in my head. One of the largest obstacles I face in life is that I overthink everything, I worry about all the ways it will be wrong. It is daunting to overcome this habit.
Things I worry about are my grammar, coming off as too whiney, and just plain having nothing interesting to share. Those are just the blog worries. The art concerns are even more numerous.
I am going to list them, then spend a couple hours just making art, voices in my head be damned!
I will start with the most obvious one, that I have no talent. Followed closely by, what’s the point…as in..who am I making this art for? Me? Others? Also, back in art school my muse was anger. I was angry about a lot of things…mostly an unrequited love that consumed my every thought. So I had a lot if material. Now…I am still angry about things, but what I am angry about is not something want to share with the world, and would just hurt the person I have issues with which I am not prepared to do. Part of the problem is that I used to use art as therapy, a way to work out my issues. This was fine when I was 20 and on my own, but as a wife and mother my current issues might be taken too personally, and though they are not all associated with any specific person it might not be interpreted that way and cause pain.
I am not sure what inspires me. I am not political, that does not interest me. I do not have any deep insights into the world. I have body image issues, but does anyone even really care? I have to find my voice, but also find a way to believe that my voice is important. Even if my voice just wants to paint cartoony houses, or to slap glitter on everything. So I guess I should go off now to slap some glitter on a cartoony house…just to get the ball rolling.