On a lighter, less whiny note my son has been building leprechaun traps. They are so sweet. If catches one I am going to totally freak out!



It is March, right?

I have been preparing my work space for use. That is all I do, prepare. I have started some pieces, but then I get to a place where I really like where it is going, and I freeze. What if I wreck it. What if this is as good as it gets?
I know that I have to just finish, not worry about the final product, easier said than done, I enjoy the process more than final products anyways, but I do get caught up listening to those voices, I am also too scattered, trying too many things at once. I have also been hosting a lot of pity parties for myself. So my coping mechanism, which it has always been, is to take a nap, Lots of naps. I have slept my way through many years, I cannot help myself…the more stress I have, real or imagined, I find myself focused in when I get my next nap “fix”. I wake up thinking about when I can nap next. I sleep though everything…it is how I deal. Working on it though, after I take this nap.