Great Friday

I am so excited, my waxed linen thread arrives today and I can finish making my book! I am attempting to create my own version of a handmade journal made by Teesha Moore

Her journal work is amazing, and through YouTube she offers tutorials on making these soft cover journals. So I have been sewing in my spare time, and the awesome part is that the panels are pocket size and you can bring them and work on them while you are waiting for whatever.

Also this project allows me to finally use all the fabric I hoard, and to embroider, which I love doing. The hard part will be when I have to actually paint in the journal..the first page is the hardest. I have put a call out to my friends for old magazines to help me with the collage part of the journal. I am so totally psyched!

I am determined to follow a daily schedule, and really accomplish more, or anything, in a day. This is going to include a daily constitutional. I need to lose about 30 lbs. I figure that will help with me being tired all of the time. I did it once…I can do it again. I quit the gym, because I never ever go. I hate gyms, I feel like such a loser there…so I plan on walking this weight off. I refuse to ever buy a larger size of clothing!

Back to the journals…here are some photos of work in progress.






Baseball season

The husband is watching baseball, so I have no choice but to update my blog. That or gouge my eyes out with a spoon.
I pick blog! Child is pretending to be Pokemon master, so he not currently desperate for my attention, whew.
I have been busy making things. Woo hoo!
Dang…spoke to soon…seriously,wtf? I am so tired, and now cranky. Child is now in bed, and husband and I have spent the last fifteen minutes arguing about nothing. Bah.
Will update tomorrow when I am in a better child free/husband free mood. Love them both, but total time vampires sometimes.