Dirty Hippy

I hate the dentist…but don’t tell my son. I also hated school, but I am keeping mum on that one as well. Now that he is learning to read I have to type fast and pray to the Universe that he does not try to read this. It’s not like I just told him there is no Santa….SHIT!!!!! just kidding.
Luckily I am on the shit list with him right now, so there will be no mother son bonding right now. I denied him an after school playdate. Suck it kid.
I am on my second week of freedom, and it all seems to be doctors appointments. Of course that could be because I showed up to my dentist appoint a day early..so it ruined two days. Enough whining.
I am getting excited about the classes I am taking next week. The first class is learning to Tie Dye. It is supposed to be beyond the basics, the second is called lamp-working and it is making glass beads by heating up glass rods with tiny blow torches and melting the glass. I have always wanted to learn that. This is where the guilt creeps in. That is the day that C’s school has it’s Back To School night. It promises to be a magical evening in which all school secrets will be revealed. The teacher will lay out her plan for the year, the PTO will be getting it’s fundraising on, and if you truly care about your child and their future at this school you will attend. The problem with this is that we are a one car family, and I will be off making glass beads. In my heart I know that this is just a waste of time going to the school for Back To School night, but I am feeling so guilty for choosing my plans over his. I never choose my plans over his, why? Not sure…maybe because I know that I usually have to force myself to do that stuff anyways. I hate school functions. So I repeat…Suck it kid.


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  1. Linda said,

    September 17, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Fully support your decision to go to YOUR class!! BTS nghts SUCK big time and are a waste of time! Good for you!!

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