My knee hurts.

Total waste of time going into work today. Ooops…not a total waste. I got some figs, and they were delicious!
It is almost impossible to do work when there are too many opinionated people at odds with how the job is to be done. It was really annoying, and I almost left, but luckily I had actually one colleague that helped me through my need to sigh audibly every time I was told not to do something. I am just not built to handle bullies in a diplomatic manner.
I am not going to give that anymore of my time. I am actually pretty excited about the fact that I have tentatively booked my son’s birthday party. Big deal? Yes, it is a big deal. So far we have always had the parties at our house, this will be the first one not at home. YAY! No clean up!!!!!!!!!!! Not cooking!!!!!!! YAY! Just incase you were concerned, fear not, it is not at Chuck E Cheese.
I am sitting here with my child, as he does his homework. I hate homework. I think I even hate it more than I hated it when I was the one doing it. He is being really annoying. I am a horrible mother. I just want him to shut up and do his homework…is that so wrong? I just hope he does not ask for my help. I hate when he asks and I get confused by the instructions, and cannot help my second grader with his stupid homework. Bah!
That is all I have to write for the time being. I think this venture into blogging is to justify that I made my husband buy me a wireless keyboard for my birthday last year. Look at me…type…type…type~ totally awesome gift 🙂


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